Audrey Alma Meyer – Artist

הקסם בעבודות של אודרי, הוא תחושת החופש שמתאפשרת לצופה בקולאז’ים שלה. אין חוקים של מה נכון או לא לחבר אחד לשני הן בבחירת הדימויים והן בצבעוניות שלה. היא עובדת בדיוק ומחשבה רבה ומגיעה בכל פעם לתוצאות מפתיעות והרמוניות הנותנות תחושה כי הכל נעשה בקלילות רבה

Born and raised in Belgium, I live in Israel since 1984.

I have been creating mosaic artworks for almost 15 years. A year ago, I reconnected with a mode of expression I used to love and make in my youth: collages. Collages and mosaics are somewhat similar in method where assemblage plays a key role. I find that there is an aimless kind of adventure in the making process of these two types of arts. In these two forms of art expression, a rich pool of materials is offered, on the one hand with semi-precious stones, beads, ceramics, vitreous glasses and on the other, an array of magazines, pictures, illustrations, letrasets, postcards and photo prints. Creating analogue collages, I found  a way of handling photos that starts with a mindful state followed by a sense of playfulness, and the resulting outcome is an intriguing juxtaposition of visual and emotional happenstance. These collages of mine are conceived with caught-sighted ready made pictures which will turn into new dimensional shapes of images. To me, it becomes a disarticulated articulation or an articulated disarticulation. Collage is a wide open door to the realm of surrealistic art.

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