As a Multi disciplinary artist I’m enthusiastic about  creating  projects that enable the audience to take part in them.
2012 was the 3rd year I participated in the local art event in Binyamina’s “Open Houses”, but this time I wanted the visitors to participate in a festive and active happening at my house and not only as spectators.
For 3 days my house  became a Gallery that exposed my collages inside, but became part of the outdoor scenery on it’s exterior…part of the street.  I invited local youth to create A Live Tape Art Image on the front elevation of my house .
We discussed the feature we wanted to create and agreed we wanted to emphasis elements that already existed on the front porch;  the branches of the lemon tree, the ladders that stood there waiting to be used, and other associative elements they wished to create.

This work was created during the 3 day festival. On the third day the public was welcome to continue the work. A D.J. was invited and the Tape Art Party began...

This project attracted many visitors who were happy to participate in an active event and I was enthusiastic about opening my house and  connecting between the indoor exhibition  and the outdoor activity of a group of  people I just met.

 Tape Party © is an expression I created to combine between music and an outdoor creation with vinyl colorful tapes .

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