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 Solo Exhibitions / Events:

  2022    Self Portrait no2.  A Travelling Colaborative Installation – Threads-Cluster of Exhibitions. 

              Janco Dada Museum. Ein Hod

              Curator Raya Zommer Tal

  2021    Self Portrait no2.  A Travelling Colaborative Installation. International Photography festival – 

              Tel-Aviv. Curator Yaara Raz  Haklai

 2019     Performative collage art.  “Proud to Present”.   Hateder Gallery – Tel-Aviv. Curator Yaara Raz  


 2013     A Taste of Memory“.  ANU co Gallery. Binyamina.

              Culinary consultant ,Pastry Chef- Efrat Zohar Levkovitch

 2012    “Out of Context “. Chopin gallery.  Jerusalem Theater. Curator Noga Arad Ayalon

 2012    “Between Realities “. Hassuka Gallery .Binyamina. Curator Nofi Rotem  

 2011    “Read or Torn”.  Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery. Curator Dorit Talmon

Group Exhibitions: 

2019               “The Medicine: Optimisme”. Contribution exhibition for ALS .

                       Beit Zioni America ZOA- Tel Aviv. Curator  Heli Gilad

2019              “To my Sister”. Minshar Gallery – Tel Aviv

                       Curator  Yaara Raz Haklai

2019             “Proud to Present”.   Hateder Gallery – Tel-Aviv.

                       Curator  Yaara Raz Haklai

2013-2014   Changing exhibitions at The House in Karkur Gallery- A Home for artists.

                     Karkur ,Curator Avi Kaish                                                                                                                                           

 2013           ” 100 artists, 1 house”.  The House in Karkur Gallery- A Home for artists,

                       Karkur. Curator Avi Kaish                                                                                                                                    

 2012          “News paper ” . Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery.  Curator Dorit Talmon.

 2013           “Making a Difference”  A donation exhibition . ANU co Gallery ,Binyamina.

 2012          ” The Audience is Invited” – sharing a Self Portrait- “Sharing” Exhibition.

                    ANU co Gallery  ,Binyamina.                                                                                                                                        

 2012         “The line” -“Sharing” Exhibition. ANU co Gallery ,Binyamina.

 2012         “links”.  Hangar for Contemporary Art, kfar Vitkin.  Curator Osnat Israely

 2012         “Internal Dialogue” -Project #23: “And I Couldn’t Say” Israeli group exhibition in La Macina di

                    San Cresci Gallery. Pieve di San Cresci Italy. Curator Amili Gelbman



 2013        “Creating a change” . A Donation Exhibition. ANU co Gallery , Binyamina” 

 2012        “Sharing” An invitation for 50 artists to share their art.  ANU co Gallery , Binyamina” 

 2012       “My Light” Children’s Photography Project.  Hassuka Gallery ,Binyamina” 

 1999       “Women in Photography”  Tami Amir Photographer.  Tmuna Theater Gallery. Tel-Aviv” 

 1994       “Almaz” project. Ethiopian crafts. Sponsored by the JDC, The ministry of Absorption and the

                  Jewish Agency.Beit Hemelin Tel-aviv .


  1993     Study Grant awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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