“._..   ..  _.  .” *  

.A “line” marked in our Living environment is a code

A code we are conditioned to respond to, according to our behavioral codes/culture

!A yellow line in a train station, has a clear message : DO NOT cross it

In certain airports, a foreign visitor will instantly

:learn the local code if he steps beyond the yellow line

” !Don’t even think of crossing the line, before it’s your turn” 

The “line” conditions us to a certain behavior we’re used to, consciously and  unconsciously.

“Our line” is marked in our gallery to break the rules!

It is there to be shared and to encourage you to step over and beyond it.

“Our line” visually and physically connects between 2 dots:

between the ANU co Gallery

 and the local business area (“Hassuca” building).

It invites you to enter the new building, climb up the stairs

and experience together another way of perceiving a day to day code: A line.

It’s a playful line and you are welcome to cross it.

                        _The yellow line

Morse code for the word – *Line

  “This project  has been realized at the opening of a group exhibition in  ” The artist’s Hassuka

.and was made in cooperation with them

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