In 2012 I was invited by the “Artist’s Hassuka Project”  in Binyamina to initiate a cooperative gallery with a group of artists. We named the gallery “ANU gallery” which in Hebrew means: “we” .
This cooperation was an important milestone in my career and made it possible for me to explore a variety of subjects that  I was enthusiastic about:
I began to explore the meaning of the term “sharing”  in life and in my art. I was curious to understand what this trendy  term really meant for me as an artist and as an individual and how the audience would react to my own personal experiences.
I, who was theoretically  “pro- cooperation” and “pro-sharing”, was about to be intimately acquainted with this challenge.
The moment was right for me to see if I could let go of my ego and let the public take an active part in my  art .

By my art I aim to inspire a dialogue with the participants in the installation and in my video work.  In each new project I like to challenge myself with new subjects and new techniques. Every project is a new adventure that requires a thorough research, learning and brain storming with friends and artists I work with on these joint ventures. 


#whybeardproject is an Art Project initiated by Avital Baron Izackov an Artist, Designer and Art project entrepreneur and Maya Havkin a Photographer and photography teacher. We as women were hypnotized by the men here in Israel and all over the world, that seemingly out of nowhere, decided they absolutely had to grow a beard!  We started observing and…

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The Line

  “._..   ..  _.  .” *   .A “line” marked in our Living environment is a code A code we are conditioned to respond to, according to our behavioral codes/culture !A yellow line in a train station, has a clear message : DO NOT cross it In certain airports, a foreign visitor will instantly :learn…

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