Avital Baron Izackov

I am a Self-taught  Multidisciplinary Artist . I work  with Collage, Video, and Photography  and am currently working on several art and documentation co operations.
My work is inspired by my love to Art history,  Photography and my multicultural life experience as a Diplomat’s child , living in Europe.
Gender and Cultural identity take an important place in my work from a collective and an autobiographic point of view .

I was born in Brussels Belgium in 1964 and am currently living in Binyamina, Israel. I am married and a mother of 2 daughters.
As a diplomat’s child, I spent my childhood between Italy, Belgium and Israel, a way of living that had a great impact on my art.
Throughout the years I have been involved in many creative artistic activities and have given  workshops for adults, children and companies.
I began my art career working on collages and in 2012  I started exploring new artistic mediums: mainly installations and co operations in art projects with artists from diff disciplines.
In 2012 I was invited by the “Artist’s Hassuka project” in Binyamina to initiate a cooperative gallery named “ANU Gallery” [which means in Hebrew -“We”]
This cooperation was an important milestone in my career and made it possible for me to explore a variety of art medias I was enthusiastic about, particularly art installations.

I have a B.A. in Art History and French Literature from Tel-Aviv University and studied Interior Design at the “Hasadna” school in Tel-Aviv.