Avital Baron Izackov.

I am a Self-taught  Multidisciplinary Artist and Art Project Entrepreneur as well as an active Designer. I have a B.A. in Art History and French Literature from Tel-Aviv University and studied Interior Design at the “Hasadna” school in Tel-Aviv.
My work is inspired by Art History, Photography and the Multicultural life experience as a Diplomat’s child , living in Europe.
I Create Art Installations and Projects that incite the audience’s  engagement. I work mainly with Collage, Video, and Photography.
Gender and Cultural identity take an important place in my work from a collective and an autobiographic point of view .
Experiencing various materials and techniques is an expression of the multi cultural life I absorbed in my childhood while moving from one country to the other.
I speak English, Hebrew, French and Italian.

I was born in Brussels Belgium in 1964 and am currently living in Binyamina, Israel. I am married and a mother of 2 daughters.
As a diplomat’s child, I spent my childhood between Italy, Belgium and Israel. A way of living that had a great impact on my art and my design.
Throughout the years I have been involved in creative artistic activities. I have taken part in and have been the curator of exhibitions and have given  workshops for adults, children and companies.
I began my art career working on collages and in 2012  I started exploring new artistic mediums: mainly installations and what I refer to as “active installations”.
In 2012 I was invited by the “Artist’s Hassuka project” in Binyamina to initiate a cooperative gallery with a group of artists. We named the gallery “ANU Gallery”-which means in Hebrew -“We”.
This cooperation was an important milestone in my career and made it possible for me to explore a variety of art medias I was enthusiastic about, particularly art installations.

When I start working on a new project I open the doors of my LAB and start researching the different ways to approach it. I approach it as if I were still a student having to submit a paper: I photograph images that can inspire me later on in my work, I write my thoughts, read and involve friends and artists in order to broaden my mind.

Nowadays I’m working on 2 new projects:
 ” One Stone One Story “  with Gil Izackov, my  husband, a documentary film maker.
#whybeardproject– with Maya Havkin,  Photographer .