2 thoughts on “La Crucifix

    • Hi Nancy.I have to admit choosing this name wasn’t trivial . I think at first I called it “Untitled”.It took a while until I made the relation to the crucifixion and this was only after several comments from people who saw this work. As a woman I wanted the emphasize to be on gender -In English crucifix lacks the female connotation which exists in the french language- the determinant “la” which I found to be more accurate for this work. As for Crucifixion or crucifix- The first relates to the act (verb) the second to the situation . This work is an interpretation of a state of mind I was in: This is a very personal work of a woman carrying upon her shoulders the weight of nature or life…trees and a putti/a baby, a fawn. This a combination of a female Atlas carrying the weight and burden of the world on her shoulders and the association with the crucifixion, which is attributed to the suffering of Christ. Thanks. Avital


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