” The audience is invited” *

The Audience is invited to see/watch/observe/not to observe
The Audience is invited to respond towards the expressed emotion/not to respond
The Audience is invited to smile/get angry/cry/wonder
The Audience is invited to embroider /to embroider with a partner standing on the other side/not to embroider
The Audience is invited to use the scissors to cut the thread/to undo the stitches he/she made
The Audience is invited to embroider on the printed image
The Audience is invited to take part in my work.

Please respect our mutual work

* Sharing a self portrait

This video captures a “Bee Hive” moment when the audience is hovering around my work.
Music- Rimsky Korsakov “Flight of the Bumble Bee” … Enjoy!

In 2012 I began exploring the meaning of the term “sharing” in life and in my art. I was curious to understand what this trendy term really meant for me as an artist and individual and how the audience would react to my personal trial. I, who was theoretically pro cooperation and sharing was about to be intimately acquainted with this challenge. The moment was right for me to see if I could let go of my ego and let the public be an active part in a creation I initiated.
I invited the audience to take an active part in embroidering on my auto portrait printed on a canvas. I named it  “The Audience is Invited/Sharing a Self-Portrait”.
I discovered that enabling the public to take a dynamic part in my work was complex but rewarding and liberating for me as for the participants who were very hesitant, at first.
More projects were born after this successful art trial. Works that aimed to evoke a personal experience for the visitor.
This work was exposed in our co gallery “ANU Gallery” in “The Artist’s Hassuka”, Binyamina.

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