A million years ago I decided to initiate a photography workshop at my Eldest daughter’s class. Hanukkah was a few weeks away and I was excited to work with the children on a project that had Light as a subject. Since it was the beginning of the digital photography era and not everyone was equipped with a camera or a smartphone…things were more complicated, but still some of the children took gorgeous photos and I organised a small exhibition at school.

When my second child reached the fourth grade I proposed the school principal to hold a similar workshop with the aid of the class PTA . I gave a short class about photography and the different ways to relate to the subject of “MY Light” and  we organised 3 photography workshops: An outdoor area, Photography in the classroom and, I admit the most exciting one for the children, photographing in the dark with torches.
It was a super interesting and fun project for all of us.

This time I wanted to exhibit the children’s work in a location that would give them  another perspective of their photos. I spoke with a local gallery here in Binyamina: “Hasuka gallery”,and we got the location for 3 weeks. Wow! that was great. The possibility to show the children their work was interesting and worthy to be exhibited in a real gallery was really important for me. And so it was. We organised an opening night and invited the children, their families, the school principal and guests and had a grand opening!


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