A family gathering around a Table has its own special dynamism.

Old friends that meet for dinner, interact in a way they’re more or less acquainted to.

People who are unfamiliar with each other behave in unexpected manners

 when seated together.

What happens when only women of different ages find themselves

sitting around a Table out of their daily routine. 

And what if they are invited to sit only in areas marked according to their age? 

I have an image of a table in my head.  It is an empty lifeless table. No one is sitting around it and nothing is served on it.
In my mind I am animating it with women of all ages sitting around it. On the floor there is a line Indicating:  “Invitation for Women Only”.

This Installation is an inspiring opportunity for women to meet in a different environment .
They are taking part in animating the lifeless table and momentarily they become themselves a part of the installation.
The women’s movement in the space and their active participation is what makes this project alive.

Women of all ages, cultural backgrounds and religions are invited to gather around this table for a brief moment.
What would it mean for them to be invited to a “Woman Only” table.  Will it empower them?
What would it mean for you as a woman visiting an art exhibition to see a group of women sitting by a table or walking
around it.  Wouldn’t you be curious to cross the physical line and enter into a “Woman only” area?
What kind of dialogue will this particular setting inspire you?
Are there subjects you would want to evoke? Would it be just comforting to find yourself sitting by a smiling woman…
Could it provoke negative feelings or enable to express emotions that otherwise you wouldn’t…
Inviting women to sit by a Table where the ages are pre-marked will be natural for some and challenging for others.
I am curious if women that usually avoid the subject of  their age will be willing to sit by the no. indicating their age.
What would the men think about the marked  line around the table which states they are not part of this active and dynamic gathering.

This work is my way of giving women a moment for themselves to explore subjects they as I am curious about. A moment  just to  BE with other women and maybe feel a difference by crossing the( marked) line.  It invites gender and age issues to cohabit around one single table and trigger different issues, each woman with its personal needs or way of thinking.


This project has not yet come alive. I hope to be able to produce it in the near future in different places as a means of sharing ideas and experiencing various cultural perceptions of life and art.
By my art I aim to inspire a dialogue between the participants and myself and one between the participants and themselves.


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